Stylish People, Stylish Homes

I have the good fortune of knowing some really stylish and innovative individuals.
From head-turning personal style to homes full of swagger, these people are redefining what is means to live well. It's no secret that many fashion trends start in urban neighborhoods. We are known for rocking unique looks long before they hit the mass market. While it's true that a lot of that remixing of style comes out of necessity, a lot of it is just pure creativity. It's that passion and energy that prompted me to start this new section of Pinkeggshell called, "Stylish People, Stylish Homes.". In researching ideas for this section, I noticed that much of this originality in innovations is rotted in necessity and cost conscious purchases. For many of the people selected, it is what they created for the money that is truly inspiring. I hope that you enjoy reading about these stylish tastemakers as much as I am enjoying writing about them. I guarantee that you will find their take on interior design inspiring, fun and refreshing!

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