African American Interior Designers

For the past few months, I have been working on a project that I'm really excited to share with you today.  It started out as a search for an answer to a question, but has turned into a quest.  I began with the idea to collect the names of African American Interior Designers and post them here as a resource for those seeking to hire, support, and celebrate those working in the field.  

It was important for me to create a list of designers capable of handling design projects of all sizes and scope.  I collected names from design showroom staff from all around the country.  That proved to be a great jumping off point.  Many vendors were happy to join in the celebration and put forth
their favorite clients for consideration.

I also took recommendations from realtors, home builders, and design bloggers.  Anyone who could contribute to the list of names that I share with you today.  In the end, I turned all my findings over to a panel who read tons of bios and reviewed countless images.

I am proud of the names that are on the list.  Some you've heard of.  Many you likely have not. 
It's a very talented bunch. So join me in celebrating... 

The 2011 Top 20 African American Interior Designers 

Michel Boyd               Smith Boyd Interiors     Atlanta
Cecil Hayes            Cecil Hayes                          Miami        
Elaine Griffin              Elaine Griffin                    New York
Ron Woodson            Woodson and Rum             Los Angeles
Sheila Bridges           Sheila Bridges            New York
Darryl Carter               Darryl Carter                     Washington DC
Afiya H. Kumar         AHA Designs                   Chicago
Robin Wilson              Robin Wilson Home    New York 
Joan Goodwin             Verandah Interiors         Columbia, SC
Keitha Brathwaite   Contrast Design   Chicago
Joy Moyler                    Joy Moyler Interiors     New York
Marian Akinloye      MA Design Studio      New York
Erin Shakoor               Shakoor Interiors           Chicago
Venus Williams        Vstarr Interiors           Miami
Lisa Turner             Interior Obsessions    Los Angeles
Courtney Sloane     Courtney Sloane              New Jersey
Janice Palmer          Ydesign International               Atlanta
Roderick Shade         Roderick N. Shade Interior Design     New York
Katherine Alford    Nyla Simone Home       Tempe, AZ

image credit: Portfolio Images-1. Erin Shakoor 2. Michel Boyd 3.Cecil Hayes


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