"How vain is it to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live" -Henry David Thoreau

Hello Star,
Thank you for your heartfelt comments. 
Here's the thing.  It is natural for us to be in the middle of some type of change or evolution. My grandmother used to say, "You are either green and growing or you're brown and dying."  One thing I embraced very early in life is the idea of celebrating the journey.  And please - don't mistake it - Life is a journey. 

You hear that all the time, but have you ever taken the chance to really examine what it really means? 
Two very important characters define a journey. First, it means moving from one place to another.  Second, it refers to the actual time that it takes to go from one place to another.  In both cases a few things are for sure.  You will be moving and you will end up in a different place than you began. 

I think that the comparison to life as a journey also has a lot to do with the things found on the journey.   Unforeseen obstacles, UNimaginable fatigue, and unexpected terrain are all synonymous with journey.  But so are friendly villagers and breathtaking views.

I like to think of myself as a journeyman or woman.  One who is accustomed to traveling.  This just means I've had enough experiences that I now know what to expect in many cases and how to navigate most scenarios.  Of course, that accounts for places that I've been before.  I feel more comfortable traveling to New York for instance than I would China.

Life is a little bit harder because life is in fact a personal journey into the unknown.  I like to say it's like running in the dark.

There are no travel guides left behind by any friends who've gone before you.  It's your journey and you are beating the path. 

One of the biggest mistakes that we can make while on our journey is looking around and comparing ourselves amongst ourselves.  To me this is by far the worse thing that we can do to ourselves.  I don't care how tempting it is to stray, you have to stay on your own path and keep your eyes on your own star.

This has never been more important than now that the world is literally at our doors.  Not only does the Internet allow you to look into other people's lives and possibly compare it to yours, but for them to look at your life as well and judge it.  The fear of being judged is debilitating, and paralyzing.  It stops books from being written, speeches from being given, and dresses from being worn.
What we have to know is that we are perfect just as we are and well-equipped to make the journey.  Damn what everyone else is thinking about you, your size or your talents!  None of it matters.  All that matters is that you keep moving.  All that matters is that you trust God and allow your path to unfold in front of you.  

I often tell people that I have everything I need when I need it.  For example, I went to the bookstore today to look for books on becoming a Vegetarian.  I couldn't find what I needed so I went to pick up my mail and go home.  In my mail was a preview copy of "Betty Goes Vegan" by Annie and Dan Shannon. Just like that, I needed something and the universe provided it.  My life has always been like this.

In life we will face all types of obstacles.  There will be illnesses to overcome, grief to reconcile, heartbreak to let go of, and forgiveness to both give and receive.

One last thing.  Our body, our constant companion, is there to allow us to enjoy the journey. Our five senses, not our dress size, is how we interact with nature and is ALL we need. 
God has given us what we need to see a sunrise, smell a rose, touch a child, or hear a melody. 

You are going to do great things from now on.  You will because after this moment, you will remember that this is your life and you already have everything you need to make it wonderful.  


  1. Thank you soo... much Kimberly! You are so special and this heart-felt letter will be forever imprinted on my heart. This is such a blessing to me because its what I need right when I need it. Words cannot express what this letter does for me.

    I can remember, ten years ago back in school, I was in a place where I felt like I can conquer the world. I graduated from college with two toddlers and a new born. I was thankful to accomplish that because "I" did it on my own. I'm gonna get that back.

    God has laid down a path for me and I MUST stay on it.

    Thank you!


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