Bloom Where You Are Planted! ( Even if You're In a Pot and Not In the Ground)

OK.  Let's go!  I'll admit, I'm a little slow in starting this year.  Maybe it's because for a while, I didn't know where home base would be.  Now that I have it figured out, I'm ready to talk design.  Notice that talking icon on the right?  Well that's where you can submit design questions to me.  Ask me almost anything.  I'm excited to be on Vyou and I think you will love it too.  Oprah, Rachael Roy and many other interesting people are on there answering viewer submitted questions.  Please, take a moment to join and be a part of the fun.

I'm in the process of creating  a temporary space for my daughter and I.  With her dad working overseas for the next few months, I've decided to settle into a cool little space near my parents.

I addition to that chaos, I am also looking for office space.  I can't decide what I want to do about this just yet.  We still have bills in Atlanta since we made the decision to rent the condo out versus sell it.  Paying a mortgage along with rent in several places is a little insane.  (I need to go over to INC. Magazine to see what they say about doubling down in this economy.)

By the way, be sure to leave a comment below if you too will be moving to a new city or decorating a new space.  It's a lot less stressful when we're doing it together.  We can share stories and design tips.  And when things get too crazy, we can whine and wonder why we ever left the comforts of our old homes.

The first thing we need to do when starting any type of project is to create an outline.  You would be amazed at how many people skip this step.  It's absolutely critical because this helps you set the direction you'll be going in, so you can map out how to get there.  This will include making a list of the rooms to be decorated.  Measuring and taking images of the existing space.  Checking the space for repairs.  And finally, creating a budget for the project.  I've created a board on Pintrest to collect my ideas for my country house here and here. 
Great choice for when using wallpaper is not an option.
Via pintrest.
So here's what I'm starting with.

I like the idea of a ranch style house.  I really enjoy one-level living and it was easy to find one here.
There will be no soaring ceilings or dramatic views.  (I've been spoiled.  Hmm...Might need to rethink renting out the condo.)

The house was built in the 80's and has paneling on the walls.
It's a more casual space and I want to use as much of the existing furniture as possible.  (Please don't make me reveal how much stuff I have in storage and in that condo that we rented - Furnished)
I don't own the space, so I'll be limited in how much I want to spend on it.
This house will be totally different from my condo in Atlanta.  Image source
I'm kinda wondering.  How many of you are living with popcorn ceilings and paneling on the walls? Have you treated either in a special way?  Again, let me know below.

I'll be working on all of this over the weekend.  My next step?  Inventorying the furniture.


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