There's a New Male Presence in My Life

Bold, unique, and oh so well put together.  Who needs the king's horses and men?  His confidence is unbreakable and his impression lasts way past the first encounter with his individual style.
From his hair, to the way he rocks his jeans, to his choice of furnishings, the Blue Satin Male takes pride in the value of his brand.  He is a connoisseur of design that reflects who he is and savors decor that conveys his story through the language of color, form, and texture.
See the way he strokes his 5 o'clock shadow?  He is not afraid to be smooth, yet edgy.  He is multidimensional, and knows how to give and take with a flare for artful negotiation.  The Blue Satin Male likes to mix it up, creating swagger at home without losing one drop of authenticity. 

I have had the pleasure to create exceptional spaces with many stylish men who exude the Blue Satin Male archetype.  As the inspiration for this site, it is my hope that the pictures and content curated here are a reflection of and an inspiration for all.

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