Spring Cleaning in December?

I've just spent the past 12 hours cleaning up in preparation for our guest who will be staying here over the Christmas Holiday.  It has been brutal!  I started out with a simple list.

  • Tidy up the guest bedrooms.
  • Make sure the bathrooms are clean.
  • Pull out the serving platters.
  • Locate the extra blankets. 

That list has evolved.  Okay, it has actually morphed into a small novel.  I just finished clearing out the guest bedroom (which resulted in 2 boxes of "stuff" for Goodwill), painting the guest bathroom, and purchasing new bedding.  With all the dust flying, I had to wonder if holiday cleaning has taken the place of spring cleaning in your life as well.

Sometimes it takes the threat of relatives coming for people to do anything with their homes.  For years this has been the busiest time for my design firm.  There are last minute deliveries that have in times past caused me to place the last vase moments before the guests were to arrive.  This type of hustle to clean and get the house ready will not occur again for many people until next year around this time.  Now compare that to how little people do in the spring.  Besides packing up the old blankets and heavy throws, there's not nearly as much going on in my world in the spring as there is during the holiday season.  What do you think?

Leave a comment below and let me know if holiday cleaning has surpassed spring cleaning in your house.

I keep this Cleaning Guide by Real Simple close during all my cleaning escapades.
Pick it up here.


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