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This is my favorite time of the year.  Maybe it's because I'm from such a large family and the holidays are our time to get together.  I love all the preparations and the endless celebrations.  This year, I am spending the time leading up to Christmas in Mississippi with my mother.  It's the first time in years that I've been home early enough to help with the planning and decorating.  Just this past Monday, I was able to take my daughter to the town's Christmas parade.  It was all so magical! 

Being here has caused me to start thinking about my own holiday traditions. 
Every year, I plan to start early and buy up ribbon, paper, and holiday decorations at the end of the season.  I never do.  It seems that I'm just not organized enough to plan it all out in advance.  To me, without a proper plan, it all seems like a
bunch of junk in a clearance bin.  

This year I'm turning to Olioboard for help.  I'm counting on the mood board site that set me apart with HGTV producers and streamlined how I communicate with clients, to help me design holiday 2013 so I can shop for it now.

I have always wanted to host a formal New Years Eve party.  It would be so sexy and chic to have my family and friends over for a formal dinner to celebrate the season and pending New Year.  I like the idea of it being opulent and a little over the top with
red roses, gold bottles, and black ties.

If that doesn't happen - or better yet,  if the things to make it happen aren't on sale at Macy's, I'd at least like to have a Christmas party at my house.  I'd put up a tree and sprawl ribbon across a mantle. I know I could make it look amazing, if only I'd just do it.

I was on Olioboard yesterday and was right.  There were tons of great room ideas for festive holiday decorating.  Jackpot!  Below are a few of my favorites.  

Be warned.  Olioboard has made it super easy to re-create these rooms
in your own space.
In addition to the visual inspiration, the rooms are simple to shop.  Each item is listed with the cost and where to buy link.  You can also create a budget for your project with the pro tool, which I find extremely helpful when deciding what to buy.   

Click on the links and let me know what you think. Do you have a favorite?  If not, create a board and leave me a link to it.  I'd love to see it!  Who knows, maybe I'll be shopping from your board this holiday season.

Michelle at Color Chats
Jane at Snob Interior Design


  1. Great post, I love that graphic red and white wallpaper!

  2. Loved all your boards and the blog!!It would be a blast to have a dinner party black tie affair!!Great job!!Oliolove!

  3. LOL! I love your warning about the ease of shopping on Olioboard! I agree!

    Your rooms are good looking, too! You know I can't resist a large-scale patterned wallcovering! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Family traditions are the best during the holidays. Your post is wonderful and your moodboards are gorgeous!!

    Thank you for sharing your Holiday Style!

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!


  5. Kimberly, beautiful boards! Tobi's right, the wallpaper pattern is perfect. Love #OlioHopping with you.

    All the best in 2013,
    Jane Gianarelli xo :D

  6. Love your story behind your style <3 enJOY your time at "home" withyour mom... It's that gift if "time" that is the most precious of all for Christmas!

    #OlioLove to you and expressing your #HolidayStyle! Great being a part of such a talented group of ladies! xo

  7. Adore your post and your vision for chic holiday style!!!
    Happy holidays...and I hope you enjoy the festive season :-)

    Leigh-Ann from ColorChats

  8. Kimberly:

    As a member of the #Olioboard team, I want to say thank you for the time and creativity that went into creating your post for today's monthly blog hop! We all appreciate it!

    I, personally, love how you wove the story of your time in Mississippi into it and shared how you will be spending it with your Mom. This is a Christmas your daughter will not ever forget.

    I hope you get the glam New Years Eve, too!

    Have a wonderful one, Kim, and thanks again!

    Leslie @tkpleslie

  9. I vote for a News Year Eve party that's "opulent and a little over the top with red roses, gold bottles, and black ties" to complete a hugely successful 2013. You've got many months to pull your event of the season together (along with the support of Olioboard) and I bet you'll look smashing as the organized hostess. It's been a treat to meet you during Oliohop Kimberly. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Holiday season in Mississippi! Andie xo

  10. Absolutely gorgeous. You really know how to put a beautiful decorating ideas and interior designs , thanks for sharing it with us


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