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Hello Everyone,
I've missed you guys!  If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, then you know that I have been all over the place. In my travels I've run into several interesting Pinkeggshell followers. 

One of the followers and I sat down for coffee on Monday and she shed some light on how I blog and what she felt people were looking for when they read my blog.  (I know right.)  I thought about it for a few days, with my first instinct being not to worry about it too much.  However, the conversation stayed on my mind and this blog post is my response. 

It's a design blog, so why don't we see more behind the scenes design stuff?

Social media moves quickly, design projects not so much.  I'm always torn between how much I share with you about any given project because the reality is that they are all over the place.  For instance, I was slap dab in the middle of doing phase one (the first level of my client's house), when the couple became pregnant and we had to switch our focus to the nursery.  I posted some images from the completed rooms on Instagram, but have yet to finish and get in there to have the space professionally photographed.
I also struggle with this because I believe that homes should evolve and include facets from the owner's life and travels.  I don't like generic art or random BS in a space.  I don't design in cliches so the spaces should mean something and creating meaning takes time. 

We want more design business advice, especially those of us who are just getting into the business.

I'm hesitant to give advice because I feel that although I've been in the business for over 10 years, I  am still perfecting several facets of the day to day operations.  I'm always evolving as I find ways to incorporate all the things that I love (Art, photography and travel) into my daily work.  I know what I am doing and what my goals are, but unless you are me or have similar goals it could be really hard to follow along. 

I will pass this little tidbit along though:  I've been an entrepreneur my whole career.  I've learned to succeed as both a leader and a one woman show. I 've made a lot of mistakes, but I have survived because I work on keeping my overhead low.  Knowing how to survive and that this is my life's purpose keeps me moving forward and keeps me seeking better ways to not only run my business, but also my life. 

We want better follow up on projects that you start like the Top 20 or
Behind the Blog series.

Wow... Ouch! 
Well, I have tons of ideas!  I love ideas by the way and sometimes the successes of those ideas depend on the cooperation of others.  I have some great features coming up but I am still looking at ways to do them more effectively.  Bear with me.  I am truly interested in this and would love some input on ways to do it better.

 Finally, More about me.
I have a really unique and blessed life.  I am and have always been a really spontaneous person who adapts quickly to change.  I easily move from idea to idea and place to place without a lot of pondering or soul searching.  I live by the words of Jay-z "Don't talk about it, if you ain't lived it." I don't believe in faking it 'til you make it.  Often times I'm involved in projects that are not linear, but have many twists and turns.  For that reason, I like to share details about them once they're complete.

Personally.  I'm a little over the top - I love bling, labels, furs, and all things glamorous.  It can get a little obnoxious- I know this, but I love it!  Think Little Kim and Kanye and I'm not even joking. I love celebrating life.  I think that anyone who has spent even a small amount of time with me would say when asked about it, "We had a great time!" and little else.  In contrast to all the hype, I'm also kinda private.  I can be both right?

The UN-glamorous part about my life is that I'm almost always living between two or three cities at a time.  As you can imagine, things can get hectic especially with a toddler in tow.  So I don't post a lot about the food I eat or the clothes I buy. I normally have both delivered to my home or  hotel.  It's a bonus when I can actually go into a mall to shop or into a restaurant for dinner.  Sad, but true. 

In an attempt to be more of a resource for you because that's what I started this blog for, I will do my best to be more transparent and more personal.  If I start a project and it ends up in the toilet, you'll read about it here.  In the meantime, please leave a comment and let me know what things you are waiting for from me that I haven't delivered.  Believe me, I want to hear from you now before I run into you in the streets. 


  1. I really appreciate your openness!
    We're here to support you as you continue to inspire us.
    Thanks for considering your followers and what we need from you.
    Keep up the work!


  2. Shocking how candid that convo went but a really good read. I know I stopped the series I had that featured others because after so many yeses I got yeses but no results. Lol .

  3. Whoa lady. That was quite the conversation starter. Kudos to you for taking the time to sit with a follower and for giving us some insight. This blogging life is a tough one and it's hard to decide just how much to share. I do know that you have long been one of my blogger faves but I have felt recently like I have no idea what's happening in your design life! the perils I know of being too busy and living between too many cities - with a toddler! We're a nosy and demanding bunch us followers eh? Any who, at the end of the day you gotta do you, and if it means a combination of Lil Kim and Kanye, then so be it! Have a fab Thanksgiving.


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