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Today's trip reminded me of how lucky I am to have this life.  Tell me what you think. 

I'm at my best when I am in complete sync with my client.  When we agree on style, quality of goods, and budget.  My projects are their best, when we also throw enjoying the process into that mix.  I feel (knock on wood) that I'm in that space right now.  I'm back to working in Houston again and have to admit, I'm in my element.  During my transition (I'll be posting about that later in the year) I found myself doing a lot of online shopping.  And although I love how I have my cyber business set up,
 there is nothing like walking into a well-designed furniture showroom.

Noel Furniture in Houston is one such showroom.  Immediately, my client and I found ourselves touching and feeling everything.  There was a moment when we looked at each other and knew that we were in for a great shopping experience.  As we went from vignette to vignette, we noticed that many of the items we were drooling over were from Bernhardt.  I've always used Bernhardt in my projects, but somehow had gotten away from it since moving to Atlanta.  The sales manager told us that they were expecting more items from Bernhardt and offered us the catalogue.  There were so many things that I personally, can't wait to see!  For instance, I love this secretary.  It's the type of thing that I would have overlooked when I lived in Houston before because I hadn't yet developed an appreciation for small space living and the need for furniture to serve more than one purpose.
Everything is big in Houston...and that includes the homes!

So, one of my favorite pieces from the collection is this Argent cocktail table. 
It would look simply amazing with all my design books stacked on and underneath it.

My client ordered this canopy bed for a guest bedroom.  We both felt that it was a great mix of what they both love.  Him, the sleek lines and her, the tufted upholstery.

This is the room that inspired her living room.  She absolutely loved the calming effects of the blue.  I contacted the Bernhardt showroom and color on the wall is Smokey Blue 7604 by Sherwin Williams. Love it!  I also adore the bench.  It's a great way to introduce patterns into the space.  Sometimes with clients, they want to choose everything in a solid pattern even when it's custom.  That's normal.  It's the essential job of the designer to help them to push the envelope.  This great example makes it easy. What do you think?

I'm dying to get this table for my home.  I really really really want it!  Don't you just love it?

These final images are for my client.  She loved everything with the nail head detail.  
She would have gotten every single item if I were not there pulling for her husband's point of view.

Have you seen what's new at Bernhardt?  When was the last time you visited a great showroom?  
If it's been a while, then you should definitely go today.  I want you to have this feeling!


  1. Dear Kimberly, I am so glad you found some of our Bernhardt products drool-worthy. I hope you will come visit us at our showroom in High Point, NC this Spring to see our newest designs! Heather Eidenmiller, Dir. Mkting, Bernhardt Furniture

  2. Not a lover of four poster beds but that bed is a thing of beauty. It's made me a believer. Loving their collections. I haven't used Bernhardt in years but clearly need to go check em out. So are you back in Houston? Or just with these clients? Happy Friday as well.


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