Nate Berkus for Target: It Means More in Mississippi

Nate Berkus for Target has been all the buzz in the design blogger community for most of the year. As early as February, I've been hearing about the collection and waiting to see which great items he'd dazzle us with.  I love Nate and I've followed him as most of you have since first meeting him on The Oprah Winfrey Show.  His clean lines and use of patterns and texture has always meant a home run for his clients and QVC customers.  With this collection for Target, Nate Berkus Home will find itself in the hands of yet another demographic of customers.  Those in small towns across America, many of whom have only recently found themselves behind a red buggy browsing the aisles of a Target store.

I was in one such store in Southaven, Mississippi over the weekend.  I experienced firsthand the excitement customers were feeling about the offerings in Target's home department.  I sat back and watched as customer after customer came in and found themselves filling their baskets with the goodies they were finding on the shelves.  For them, it was less about the appreciation (or even knowledge) of the celebrity designer and more about the beautiful, well-designed items that they would now be able to bring into their homes and share with their families.

It reminded me of the day I finally got a look at Nate's entire collection.  I could hardly contain myself!  There were many pieces that could fit seamlessly into my home.  I  selected a few and made a note to share those items with you once I picked them up from the store.  Typical blogger thing to do right?  But somehow, that Southaven experience has stayed on my mind.  Now more than ever, I see Nate's relationship with Target as a part of a bigger movement.  As a way of spreading good design to all of America.  We all can sometimes take access to design for granted.  I know I do.  After living in Houston and now Atlanta, I could only image how difficult it must be to not be able to walk into a store and find something truly special for your home.

I'll be supporting Nate and Target by picking up a few key items I have my eye on.  Hopefully in doing so, Target continues to seek out talented designers with the passion to make great design accessible to all.  Have you seen the collection?  Are there any pieces that you've got to have for your home?  Do you have a friend who might not have as much access to design as you do?  Why not send them an email with a link to your favorite picks?  Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on the collection and the concept of making great design accessible to everyone.

Items from the Nate Berkus for Target Collection go on sale at Target stores nationwide on October 21st.


  1. Great post! As a native Mississippian I can totally relate. My family/friends were thrilled when Target came to town a little over a year ago. I'm sure they'll be even more excited about the new Nate offerings. And yes, I have my eye on that gold round side table.

  2. Gurl, I need to shop on Mississippi? I didn't see half those goodies in my local Target yesterday! But yes, so glad Nate is back. Was devastated when his collection got tossed to the way side with the closure of Linens and Things. I'll be using a few pieces for sure in two upcoming projects. Happy Monday lady!

  3. don't forget he had a line at linens 'n things that was quite handsome...

  4. I've been trying to find the side table that is now unavailable online, anyone know where to find one?


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