Let's Start with Wallpaper from Kimberly Lewis Home

Wallpaper Kimberly Lewis Home

I have been looking for a reason to use products from Kimberly Lewis' wallcovering line since meeting her at Blogfest this year.  When I decided to switch directions with my business, I was afraid that I wouldn't get the chance because I wasn't sure if I'd be involved in residential design again this soon.  But as fate would have it, the first day of my new job (Monday) provided me with the opportunity to throw her wares into the mix.  Turns out, my very first project at my new post is a ranch house re-do.  

Wallpaper Kimberly Lewis Home

When I got the images of the house on my desk, I noticed that the walls were all dark paneling and that the ceilings weren't very high.  I'm out of the painted accent wall phase, so I quickly started to think of alternative ways of making the walls special and the rooms appear larger.  

Kimberly's wallcoverings seems like the perfect fit.  I think that they're fun, creative, and provide just the graphic punch our otherwise white color palette needs.  The easy part is recommending the paper, the hard part is fighting for it at every production meeting until I can see it successfully installed in the project.  Wish me luck!

Wallpaper Kimberly Lewis Home
 What do you think?  Could you see this in a 30 year old ranch house?


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