Behind the Blog: Beth Smith of "My Chic My Way"

Today I'd like to introduce you guys to Beth D. Smith of My Chic My Way.  I originally met Beth in 2011 during Kravet's Blogfest and we quickly became friends.  She was so funny and had me laughing the entire time.  From time to time...ok every day, I go over to her blog to see what she's been up to and to get an instant pick-me-up.

Images of Beth's Home Office
All the images in this post are from Beth's home.  She's working on it room by room, so tune in to her blog to see photos and get behind the scene details on all of her amazing projects.  I asked Beth to share one of her favorite posts and it happened to be the chalk board project  featured in this office that she decided to highlight.  Today, follow along with us to learn about her blogging habits and why she's determined to have Her Chic, Her Way.

PE  What does My Chic My Way Mean?
Beth  It means my style and my way of doing things.

PE  I love what you've done with your home.  Take us through a typical "project day".
Beth  I wake up and grab a snack.  I work out and then have breakfast.  I check my to do list, get dressed and then walk the dog.  I gather my materials, pack the car, shop based on the what I am trying to accomplish, and then plan some more.  Grab my pink tool belt and get to work.

PE  I love the use of color, but even more outstanding than that is the level of organization in your spaces.  Share with us your thoughts on an organized home.
Beth  It's a need.  Having a functional and organized living space makes day to day living so much easier.  Everything has a spot and you know where to find it, with no running around the house trying to find things.  I personally don't function well in chaos and I don't want anyone else to.

Love this idea for the bathroom. Cute huh?

PE How long have you been blogging and how has it helped your business?
Beth Approximately 2 years and I took a hiatus to re brand.  Blogging really helps spread your brand and gives people an idea of what your style is.  

PE How much time do you spend blogging each week?
Beth Between 2 - 6 hours depending on the current chaos of my week.  The amount of time I spend looking at different inspirations is probably way more than that.

PE Speaking of inspiration, what inspires you?
Beth Life, beauty and creativity.  Life is difficult but the beauty we see in everyday life I find inspiring.  Creativity gives me the hot and fuzzy.

PE What is your favorite social media platform? 
Beth Instagram at the moment.  I am truly a visual kind of girl! 

PE Before we go, tell us a little about your business and where we can find you.
Beth I have a boutique design company based in New Jersey that I launched in October of 2009.  I originally started with more of a focus on organization, but as my business and I evolved I now focus on design.  With a place for everything of course, after all, I am anal retentive and OCD  :)

Twitter: @mychicmyway


  1. Loved Beth before and love her even more after reading this Q&A. Did she just say a pink tool belt? Priceless! Plus anyone who is OCD to balance my manic ways is someone I'd love to see on a regular basis - just to keep me organized!

    1. Thanks @LiveLaughDecorate! My pink tool belt is suede ;)

  2. Thanks for the feature Kim!!!

    1. I thought I was organized. You are truly a master!

  3. Love Beth & the snippets of her home. Her closet is pretty fab too!

    1. I know. I wanted to leave something for her to share on her blog. She's super organized!


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