5 Amazing Rooms You'll Love For Fall

This is one of my favorite rooms by Elaine Griffin.  I love love love the color scheme!  I love the yellow and the soft brown leather that she uses in the space.  I love this space for fall because I think it would be an amazing place to have dinner parties.  Can't you just imagine them going well into the night?
Elaine Griffin | ElaineGriffin.com

Maybe it's the wood in the corner.  Maybe it's the idea of longer nights and shorter days, but I could see myself here all fall in slippers and a bath robe.
Definitely my vote for best place to write a novel.

Darryl Carter | DarrylCarter.com
The idea of snuggling into one of these beds with a good book is what makes this an ideal space for fall. The colors are spot on and it just seems like it would envelope you.  
The blanket, the suede on the beds...It's all so perfect.
Michel Boyd | SmithBoydInteriors.com

Joy Moyler | JoyMoyler.com
Marian Akinloye did a fantastic job with this family room!  Again, I love the use of orange in the space.  The carpet is my favorite design element as it sets the tone for this serene atmosphere.

Marian Akinloye | MADesignstudio.com


  1. yep, could easily curl up in that chair as well and write a novel or two.

  2. Thanks so much for the mention Kimberly! You are such an amazing supporter, and I THANK YOU for including me in this post!


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