Nina Garcia's New Upper East Side Digs in October Architectural Digest

I have three of Nina Garcia's style books.  "The Little Black Book of Style", "The One Hundred" and "Style Strategy".  I love the fashion advice and secretly can't get enough of the
illustrations by Ruben Toledo.  I adore Nina!  She's smart, savvy and has the most impeccable style.  It's because of her style and love of great art, that I couldn't wait to get a
peek inside her Manhattan home.
 The space, which is featured in the October issue of "Architectural Digest", has all the elements of a
well edited wardrobe, timeless pieces, delicate textures, and smart uses of color.
 I'm enthralled by the art!  It's simple, yet seems so alive.  I'm instantly drawn in by it. 
I also love the striped fabric on the back of the chairs.
See my favorite rooms after the jump!


  1. i was surprised. i expected it to be...funky. not so austere.

  2. I can see that. But don't you think it's hard to be funky everywhere? I like the mix. Now the rug in the diningroom -not so much.


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