The Ritz Carlton Reserve Dorado Beach - The Place to Be This December

If you love a great party, legendary parties, destination parties, then, you must be at the Grand Opening of the Ritz Carlton Reserve Dorado Beach.

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Ask your favorite designer, and I’m sure they will agree, when they walk into a hotel, they immediately start taking notes on the interior design.  I'm no different.  To add another layer, I also love hotels.  For the decor as much as all the other things they promise, like the home away from home, the great getaway, and yes, the perfect night’s sleep.

Call me naive, but until I sat through Robert Thomas's lecture "Design Without Limits", I had no idea that the spaces we drool over and obsess about take billions of dollars to create.  According to Thomas, Interior Designer of Encore and the Wynn Las Vegas, designing hotels is the things dreams are made of.

When it comes to hotels, I’m a little spoiled.  Of course, I have my favorites.  I always stay at the InterContinental because I love the rooms and the service.  Even if it's been months since my last stay or if I’m on another continent, they always welcome me by name as if they’ve know me forever.  Who wouldn't fall in love with that, right? 

I have a friend who spends insane amounts of money on hotels.  His thing is staying where the party never stops.  Think the FontaineBleau on New Years Eve.  Or the Ritz-Carlton on South Beach where you can get the Mercedes Benz package and zoom up and down the strip, valet parking at all the hot night clubs.  When he wants to rest, he checks into the Four Season’s in Denver for days at a time.

I’ve been trying to get him on the phone because there’s a hotel that we’ve got to check out.  Opening in December of 2012, just in time for the release of the Great Gatsby (random thought), is the Ritz Carlton Reserve Dorado Beach. 

According to Forbes online, the resort has historically been the playground of the rich.  Built in the 20's and reaching it’s heyday in the 50’s, it was the place to see and be seen for the world’s jet set.  This glorious resort is destined to reclaim its place as a go-to destination for those who take luxurious leisure seriously.

Image Ritz Carlton via

Image Ritz Carlton via
Image Ritz Carlton via


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