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The older I get, the more I cherish what's possible in life.  I like thinking that I know and then later finding out that things are totally different, often bigger...better.  When I asked for reader submissions, I had no idea that the response would be so great.  My assistant printed out all the emails and we quickly started to sort through them.  You guys are so talented and I appreciate you
sharing your homes with the rest of our readers.

I have to admit, I hadn't considered guidelines for the submissions outside of the basics.  So let me take a moment to say, I truly appreciate all of the submissions.  I'll do my best to share them all here, but can only post items that fit into the design and aesthetics of the site.  
Nevertheless, I am thrilled about the feedback and how things are going.
Thank you for your time and please, keep the submissions coming!
Our first Stylish People, Stylish Homes feature is Monica Ross from Richmond Virgina. 
Her home which was recently featured in RHome, the Richmond Magazine, is a
lovely mix of neutrals, antiques, and the perfect touch of luxury.

Just take a look at the living room.  Absolutely stunning!  I love her furniture choices and one can't miss the clever use of the animal skin rug that makes the space more modern.  Great color and great balance combine to make this space appealing on several different levels. 
And to think, Monica Ross is only on her second design project! 

Her first venture into design came on HGTV's "First Time Design", the show that calls for viewers to get off the couch and try their hand at designing a real space for a real family.  Monica's kid-friendly living space was a hit and gave her the confidence to take on a much grander project, her family home.

As I flipped through image after image, I remember thinking how well-appointed her home truly was.  I'm the type of designer that is anal about the details.  Everything has to be perfect, every book aligned, every pillow fluffed.  I could tell that in Monica I'd found a kindred spirit with an eye for precision.  I found it impressive that Monica was able to create this space filled with visual drama while using a limited color palette.  A true sign of a good designer!

Equally impressive is that Monica was able to create this space even though she is legally blind.  I love this fact because I admire how brave she was to take on such a huge project.  I know her family is excited to be able to call the space home and can feel the love that she poured into it.

I love the mix!  Again, such a smart use of antiques and modern pieces.  I am now secretly coveting that sofa and the chairs in the master.  What do you think?  Don't you just love it?
Images Richmond Magazine RHome
Photography Todd Wright


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