From Our Archives: The Home of Suzanne Boyd as Featured in "O at Home" Summer 2007

I want to thank everyone who came out to the ADAC/ASID panel discussion on marketing your design business last Thursday.  It was so much fun meeting you and hearing about your journey into social media.  I promised to re-post this article about journalist Suzanne Boyd's home, which first appeared in O at Home, so here it is.  I've kept it in my archives since 2007 and cherish it as one of my favorite spaces of all time.  My hope is that as you read it, you're inspired to examine your life and find the things that make you special and share those gems with the world.

"The Objects of My Affection" 
Published in O at Home Summer 2007
Photographs by Simon Upton
Styling by Sacha Dunn

"A Visitor to my Manhattan Apartment may wonder why I find it such a calm place to be.  There is not a blank wall, bare surface, or any of the other minimalist trappings that experts say provide the most soothing environment.  I've instinctively used my disparate experiences to influence how I decorate my apartment.  Every item was bought, every design choice was made not because I thought it would go with the others but because it spoke to me on a visceral level.  As a result, I've ended up with a home that, for me, has innate harmony."

"My home could come to life in it's own way, through memories and impressions of different times and other places and from fashion, where I have worked for years as a journalist and where bold statements of personal style are the norm."

"As I got deeper into the decorating process, it became difficult to pinpoint a single inspiration.  Initially, the ideas swirled in my head, but they eventually flowed into one another organically, just as each stage of life transitions to the next."


  1. any chance you have scans of sanaa lathan's house on "o"?

  2. No, I do not. I'm probably like you, I never imagined that the magazine would ever not be around. I wish I had saved all of them.

  3. i saved a bunch, but not that one. and just haven't been able to find it online anywhere. i remember it was mostly pink, had a balcony that made it seem like a treehouse and the bedroom had a purple accent and an indian chair someone had gifted her. her godmother had been the decorator. she's got a new show. should try to pimp that somewhere for press.

    1. If only it was that easy. I remember that space. I will look through the stuff at my mom's house this weekend. She might still have it. I was horrible about keeping records back then. My aunt was a designer and has about 3 decades (If not longer) in her office. I wish!

  4. if you find it, much obliged. but don't knock yourself out.


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