African American Top 20 Designer Profile: Janice Palmer - "Orange is My Pink"

Hello Everyone!
I am so excited to expand on the African American Top 20 movement by featuring individual designer interviews.  Each designer answered a series of questions starting with, "What's Your Favorite Color?" for the purpose of giving you some insight into their lives and unique personalities. 

Today, we're starting with Janice Palmer of Palmer Design Group.  Janice originally hails from Jamaica and now makes her home in Atlanta, Georgia.  She loves all aspects of design and can be found buzzing through design centers and furniture markets around the globe.  Janice was the first African American designer to decorate a room in the prestigious Atlanta Symphony Decorator's Show house in 2011.  What an honor for any designer!  Janice has invited me to tag along with her to Highpoint Market in October where she promises to "show me how market is done".  I hear she has a great eye, so I can't wait for that.  I'll definitely have to let you know in detail how that trip turns out. In the meanwhile, let's get to know Janice.

PE: Share with us about your first project as a designer.
JP: It was a job where I had to design several different condos.  When I finished all I could think was, "Wow!  I did that!"

PE: Traveling is a big part of your life. What is your favorite destination?
JP: Italy- I love all aspects of design including fashion and architecture and Italy has it all.  I also love to vacation in places like Monaco where the rich play.  It inspires me and allows me to expand my idea of what's possible. 

PE: How would you describe your personal style?
JP: Timeless elegance.  I love classic lines and design with pops of dramatic color.

PE: There are so many design influences today.  Who's your favorite designer?
JP: Alexandra Champalimaud who designed the Dorchester Hotel in London. Valentino is my favorite fashion designer.  I love what he can do with red!

PE: Where does inspiration for your designs come from?
JP: I love design so much that I see it everywhere.  I can walk into a room and see it fully designed.  I also pull inspiration from fashion.  I saw these pillows at the Atlanta Market was instantly drawn to the color, texture and feel of them.  I could design a room around the pillows alone.

PE: Where do you go to find things that fit into your design plan?  Any favorite places to shop?
JP: New York, Neiman Marcus and I love ADAC (the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center).  Travis and Company is one of my favorite places!

Image Janice Palmer / Palmer Design Group


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