Rachel Roy's Refreshing Take on Home

I ran across this article featuring Rachel Roy's New York duplex this morning while cleaning up my office.  Although it was published in March of this year, I read it for the first time today.  I found her philosophy about home both inspiring and uplifting.  So, I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes from the article with you.  They're just cute little statements that guided her as she created
a special place for her family.  I hope you enjoy it.  Here's Rachel's take...

 On why so many windows and so few curtains
"Natural light uplifts you.  It nourishes your soul."

On choosing a small home even though she's a huge star
"I don't want to search for my girls when I'm home. 
I always want them within a hug's reach."

On giving her girls the master bedroom
"I felt that the girls needed each other 
more than they needed their independence."

On the abundance of shelves 
"I have shelves everywhere because 
what's on them tells you a lot about a person."

Images and story  Instyle Magazine March 2012


  1. Love Rachel Roy, love her fashion and design style and philosophy!

  2. Great Post! Rachel Roy is such an inspiration.

  3. Great Post! Rachel Roy is such an inspiration.


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