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I've always been very open and very talkative.  I grew up in a large family where there were no secrets and always someone to talk, share ideas, and laugh with.  My friends like to say that I never meet a stranger.  Maybe that's true.  I enjoy meeting people and value the stories that make up our individual lives.  My life is enriched when we can share experiences.  I love it when you hit me up and ask questions.  And yes, despite being busy, I do visit your blogs and websites.  

I love social media for this reason.  It's a natural fit for my personality.  The interaction moves me.  It challenges and inspires me.  Case in point.  Over the past few days, I've been interacting with Annette Wright of OD 360 Design.  She's new to blogging and from what I can tell has a lot of great ideas to share.  I fell in love with her illustrations and can't wait to talk with her about
partnering up on my newest project.

 I would have never met her without a social media presence

Above are some illustrations by Annette.  Great stuff right?  Please visit her blog and show her some love.  Let her know the universe appreciates her venturing into the unknown and living by faith.


  1. Thank you Kim for sharing the talents of another girl making her way into the world of common connection. Annette's work is just so fresh, a welcoming thing always.

  2. Kimberly, I am completely floored by your gracious words of support and kindness. I too am from a large family and share your "social bee" personality. My nieces and nephews have dubbed me "the complete extrovert" of the I am thrilled that you have enjoyed and shared my work with your readers. Thrilled beyond words at the prospect of collaborating with you on your next project. You hit the nail on the I try to live every day. Thank you!


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