Kimberly Goldson: Fashion Super Star!

We've been talking fashion around here all week.  It's been really exciting to open up boxes of samples and read the press releases of some really hot designers.  All this fashion talk is in preparation for our fall debut of our new weekly fashion column.  It's only natural that we have one, but for       
some reason, talking real fashion has eluded us over the past four years. 

I'm really excited about our fashion contributor also.  I'm holding off on introducing her, as she is finishing up some things in order to join us here.  
I just love the new energy that she's bringing to the office. It's all so infectious!

Today she introduced me to Kimberly Goldson of Project Runway fame.  I haven't seen a season since Christian Siriano, so I was excited to see what she had to offer.  It's just this kind of underground-mixed with high fashion wisdom, you can expect from her come fall.  In the meantime, follow us on Facebook.  There's a lot of fashion talk starting to show up there.  Finally, please give us your feedback.  Is there room here for all things fashionable and glamorous?

All images Kimberly Goldson from the SS 2012 collection


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