Design Goes Global at West Elm

Did I mention that I love Christina over at the West Elm store here in Atlantic Station?  Anyone who is working in design in Atlanta is working with Christina.  Think Vern Yipp, the crew from “Dinner and a Makeover", all your favorite bloggers and yep, yours truly.  I can't speak for the rest of the designers, but I love Christina because of the product knowledge, energy, and
excitement she brings to her position. 

Her enthusiasm for her job is contagious.  So it was no surprise, when she called to tell me about
West Elm's new collaborations with African Artisans that I'd get excited too.
KUBA STOOLS in Batik, Neutral Graphics and Patchwork, Congolese 
JOHN VOGEEL Benches, Cape Town
Christina loves the benches and chairs in the new collection by John Vogeel.  I have to agree. 
I love the organic feel of the pieces.  Wouldn't they look amazing in a downtown loft?
JOHN VOGEEL Chairs, Cape Town
Throughout the years, I've covered the special collaborations that West Elm has taken on.  Past collaborations have included Patch NYC, Allegra Hicks, and David Stark.  This one is near and dear to my heart because I am a true fan of the artists and craftsmen from Africa. I hope you enjoy the collection and purchase from it whenever possible.

KUBA CRESCENT Benches, Congolese


  1. I absolutely love these new pieces. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. They have so many additional items. You have to check them out.


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