WOW! The Story Behind My Favorite Light Fixtures {via Interiors Magazine}

You guys, Blogfest is really an event that keeps on giving. I am still unpacking bags and getting surprises from our sponsors in the mail. What I love the most about the swag, are the stories behind the products. This information is crucial when I am selling to clients or sharing products with you here.  I love a back story.

So you can imagine how I felt, when I flipped through Interiors magazine and discovered the story about Jean De Merry.  Who you ask?  Jean De Merry is the artist behind these amazing light fixtures that have been showing up in the projects of some of Atlanta's hottest designers.  
Hot! Like smoking hot designers.  The above image is by "Southeast Designer of the Year" nominee Michel Boyd of Smith Boyd Interiors.  Hot as in a few designers selected to design the pent house residences during the High Rise High Style Atlanta Show house.  Hot like Amy D. Morris whose office below was featured in the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle Magazine and who was selected as a Rising Star by the Atlanta Decorative Art Centers in 2011.
So I was like WOW!!!! when I saw how the fixtures were made and the craftsmen-ship that goes into each and every fixture.  Everything from the selecting of materials to the time honored traditions of iron-work adds to the WOW that these pieces bring to a space!  I am happy that the editors at Interiors Magazine felt the passion that Jean de Merry had for his craft and decided to share it with us.  Thanks Guys. I loved it.

"We're trying to save old buildings from being torn down, forests from being destroyed, and oceans from being polluted. What good is all that if we can't also preserve our traditions?"
-Jean de Merry via Interiors Magazine


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