The View From the 44th Floor #Blogfest 2012

One of my favorite moments from Blogfest 2011 was arriving at Hearst Towers for the very first time.  In my opinion it was the perfect way to welcome design bloggers to the city and to Blogfest. Entering the gorgeous building and walking into the conference room was so magical.  It was more than a lunch, it was an opportunity to experience the design world from a perspective many will never see.  None of the magic of the space was lost on me.  I definitely took it all in.  For a minute this year I thought maybe I was tripping and I'd overly romanticized that moment in time in 2011.  That is, until I entered the building and stepped off the elevator onto the 44th floor again this year. 

Maybe I've watched "The September Issue" one too many times.  Maybe "The Devil Wears Prada" should not be taken so literally, but there is something about magazines.  Something about how they are put together and the people behind the creation of the issues that makes visiting the Hearst Tower feel like walking into Disneyland.  The Hearst Tower sets the tone for the excitement of Blogfest.  You can't help but feel that you're a part of something amazing when you ascend into that Manhattan skyline surrounded by people whose sole purpose is the celebration of beautiful homes.

Veranda Magazine: Inside the Issue with Darryl Carter and Timothy Whealson.  You could hear a pin drop as we listened closely to Dara Caponigro speak about putting together an issue of Veranda magazine.  Many of the bloggers were taken in by Darryl Carter and Timothy Whealson for good reason.  They are both extremely talented.  But for me, Dara Caponigro was the star of the show.  Again, maybe it's my obsession with Miranda Prisley, but for me it's her vision and creative direction that makes the magazine oh so dynamic.

House Beautiful: "Getting Your Project Noticed and Finding Your Own AHA Moments"
 I loved the "Finding your AHA Moment" part of this discussion because it forced me to really think about how I was not only pursuing my design career, but my life in general.  I was taking notes while Newell was talking and I kept writing down thoughts about my business.  Mainly about how I had somewhat abandoned what I love, which is designing for men, for projects that had more mainstream appeal. Things that could potentially get published.  I ended up admitting to myself in that moment that I'd wasted the past few years trying to grow my business in an area that I was only okay in, rather than perfecting the space that I had successfully occupied for over eight years. Designing for men is not just what I do, it is who I am.  Newell Turner and his wave of New Designers gave me more than a peek into their lives and businesses, they gave me a completely new perspective.  One that will stay with me long after the buzz and excitement from the day wears off.

Of course, I couldn't let you leave without a view from the 44th Floor.
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  1. this is great - it is like we are in your head! thanks for being so open and transparent on your blog - its refreshing!

    1. Thank you. It means alot that you're reading.

  2. this is great - it is like we are in your head! thanks for being so open and transparent on your blog - its refreshing!


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