PinkEggshell Was Here! #BLOGFEST2012

If you were following my tweets or Instagram feed during Blogfest2012, you noticed that I snapped pictures and tagged them "Pinkeggshell was here" as we moved from event to event.  As a psychology major, I would say that there are two kinds of people who feel the need to do this.  Those who are ego-centric and want everyone to see what they have accomplished or those who have come through a tremendous storm and want to leave a sign of encouragement for those traveling in their wake.  As a simple way to say, if I made it, so can you too.

I was extremely, insanely busy leading up to Blogfest.  During the month of May, I traveled to five states, spoke in front of hundreds of people, promoted my HGTV episodes (which are now in reruns), and hosted a major soiree for The African American Top 20 Interior Designers.  Immediately following that chain of events, I had to then drive 12 hours to drop my daughter off with my mother. When I walked into the Javis Center on Monday Morning, I breathed a sigh of release for just having made it to the party.

I started Blogfest at the Wilsonart booth where I met the winning designers of the Wilsonart Chair Design Contest.  I love ICFF because it gives you an insight into current and future trends.  I thought that Wilsonart, in particular, did an outstanding job this year by having the various chairs and contest winners showcased at their booth.  It was a cool way to see what could be done with their product and made me think about all the new applications I can use the products for.  Just like that, they said, "Hey, we are here and this is what we can do".

Speaking of what we can do...designers are amazing people.  The ability to create and transform spaces is the stuff legends are made of.  Even in the Bible when they were building the tabernacle, the Lord instructed those who were skilled in building furniture and making drapes to be a part of the design team.  If you believe in divinity and design, then you're a fan of the Kips Bay showhouse. Aside from the work they do for the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club, the legendary showhouse brings together the best designers working in the business.  You can see more images from the showhouse here, but for the sake of this post, I want to highlight two things that motivated me to create my "I am here" theme.  The first is the room below designed by Brian McCarthy, Bunny Williams and David Kleinberg as a tribute to the late great Albert Hadley.  Albert Hadley touched so many lives and has inspired generations upon generations of designers.  Talk about leaving your mark!

The next one was a complete surprise.  In the Lounge designed by Shawn Henderson Interior Design, there was a piece by Liu Bolin called "Hiding in the City No. 97, The Yellow River" where the artist takes a photograph and then paints himself into the image.  It added to the calming effect of the room and was his way of quietly whispering, "I was here."

There were so many great things about Blogfest2012. This was just day one.  In the coming days look for posts on the trends that I noticed around ICFF, the rooms and design creations from the Kips Bay Showhouse, all the events and after parties, along with the highlight of the event, the Kravet Studio Tour.  I will also be uploading images to pintrest and facebook, as well as storing all the extra images that don't make it onto the blog here.  Thank you for joining me!  If you have any questions or need any information about the images, spaces or products that you see in these posts, please leave me a comment and I'll do my best to get you all the details. 

See more images from the Kips Bay Showhouse Here
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