Thanks for Coming Out! (I'll Be Looking For You on Facebook)

Today was my very first ever keynote presentation and I want to thank all of you for coming out to support me.  I have been on countless panels but wondered if I could keep your attention the entire hour standing there alone.  You were so responsive, interested, and  attentive and for that I am very thankful.  I have to admit, I was a little nervous when the staff had to wheel out the additional seating.  I wondered how you'd receive everything I had inside to share.  I just wanted to be sure that I could reach out, touch a chord in you, and help all of you personally.  

Remember to contact the ADAC office to get copies of the materials that were handed out.  If you need additional help, please visit  They have answers to all your social media questions.

In the meantime, here are the guidelines that I recommend you consider when determining which companies to "Like" on your new facebook page.  Good luck!  I can't wait to see all the amazing content that you create.

1. Like the furniture companies that you use in your design projects.  This includes all the brands where you have your trade accounts, as well as the brands that are turning out projects that inspire you.
Use the ADAC directory for a list of companies and samples of their products.

2. Like companies that offer tools that make your job easier.  We like Olioboard for 2D or 3D presentations.  Remember to also Like your favorite paint company.  They have cool tools or special installation instructions that you might need to learn more about as you grow your business.

3. Like brands that are making waves in the industry.  Companies like Kravet and Lee Jofa have partnerships with some really cool, cutting edge designers.  By liking their pages, you get to follow along as they create the fabrics and furniture lines that you'll be using in future projects. 

4. Like designers who inspire you.  It's not uncommon to have a design idol these days.  These rock stars of roman shades are doing the projects that inspire you to keep on keeping on.  Show your support and ask questions.  They love knowing that you're out there.

5. Like your favorite shelter magazines.  This goes without saying, but it's fun to get information about upcoming issues as well as events sponsored by your favorite publication.

6. Like new design sources like Editor-at-large.  You will find up to the moment design information as well as behind the scenes video coverage of exclusive industry events.

7. Like special interest groups or pages.  Pages like African-American Interior Designers pages provide industry knowledge that pertains to a special group.  Also consider liking any local design groups or organizations under this category.  

8. Like ADAC or any decorative resource center in order to keep up with events, speakers, and continuing education classes.

9. Like the fan page for the community or building that you work in.  How else willl you know who's new to the community, what units and/or homes are for sale or better yet who's building or selling in that community?

10. Finally, Like your favorite blogs.  Follow them and interact with them.  Bloggers are always looking for original content, so they want to know what you are working on.  You can like Pinkeggshell here ;)


  1. Very Informative! As a new Interior Design business owner I'm definitely taking notes...


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