Making New Friends At ADAC's Design Defined 2012

One of the things I love about Design Defined at ADAC is the opportunity to meet new designers. Just as I expected, this year has been no different.  While waiting to attend the Veranda at 25 keynote, I ran into Glennette Haynes of Stephin Oubre Events and Interiors.  She'll tell you, we were running around the design center like teenagers, hopping from showroom to showroom, laughing and chatting up a storm.  We ran into Michel Boyd and Janice Palmer and together we shopped and talked design and fashion all afternoon long.   

One of my favorite stops was an impromptu pop-in to the Jim Thompson showroom.  It was so colorful and the fabrics were so much fun.  They were having a trunk show and there were tons of cool things to see.  I also got some really good news while I was there!  As it turns out my Keynote speaking engagement is filling up fast.  Originally we were set up for an intimate classroom seminar of 25 people.  The response has been so overwhelming that we already have over 100 people signed up to hear what I have to say about social media and the list is still growing.  So, we're moving things around to accomodate everyone and the word is continuing to spread like wildfire.  I am so excited!  The news got my week off to a great start!  So if you'd like a look inside what I've learned about social media and how you can use it to create interesting content that will propel your business to new heights, then it's still not too late - Come join us this week at ADAC!


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