At Home With Uptown Magazine

Last night, I attended the Uptown Magazine editor's cocktail event at the W Downtown.  I have been singing the praises of the magazine every since they started to feature more and more African-Americans at home.  I have been completely taken in by the spectacular spaces featured and find myself eagerly flipping to that section each and every month.  I had a moment to speak with Isoul Harris about his most recent coverage of Nicole Avant's Beverly Hills home (below) and can finally quit wondering if they will have a new feature each month.  Uptown has definitely found their sweet spot with this.

As we go into the weekend of our African-American Top 20 announcement, I am excited about the future of all this.  These images go a long way to celebrate the African-American home and lifestyle experience. I am proud to be here, doing my small part of what is sure to be a huge movement in our community.  I'm looking forward to the day when we have more friends over just because, we save up to buy that perfect piece of furniture, and reclaim our backyards as a place for children's birthdays and weekend cookouts.  It shows another side of us.  A side of us that cares as much about our homes and where we live, as we do the clothes we buy or the cars we drive. 

                                         Top 2 Images via Uptown Magazine April/May 2012 Issue
Bottom image take by me ;)


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