As a Mother

There is nothing more important than the moments and memories that I am creating daily with my daughter.  All too often in my life, I'm pulled in a million different directions, but never without thinking about my baby and how what I am doing will affect her.  I love being a mom!  It's the best thing that I could have hoped for in my life.  My baby is so much fun and if you are around mid-town, you've probably seen her out with me.

Having Skylar has changed everything about my life.  I spend tons of time at home and have become more relaxed about having the perfect home where everything has to be in its perfect little place.  My mother was really hands on with us and I want to be that type of mother for my little bunny.

I'm taking time off this weekend to go to home to my Mother's to celebrate Mother's Day.  I'm actually speaking about being a mom at my childhood church.  Let's hope I don't start crying, because truly every time I think about it, my heart overflows.

Happy Mothers Day 
Mothers and Daughters!


  1. She is gorgeous! Motherhood is amazing and I am proud that you are sharing your journey! Take care!


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