2012 Top 20 African-American Interior Designers

Have you ever heard a buzz begin to fill a room?  You know how it starts, right?
Hushed whispers of, "Is that her?" and "Ooh, I love his work!" mingle with squeals of delight as the interior design industry icons greet their peers.  Well, on the evening of Sunday, May 20th, 2012 the buzz didn't just fill a room, it filled the entire VIP upper level of Jay-Z's recently re-designed 40/40 club in Manhattan which was entirely shut down by none other than Pinkeggshell.  What was it about, you ask? 
The better question my friends, is not what, but who was it about?

We, at Pinkeggshell, unveiled the long-awaited list of the 2012 African-American Top 20 Interior Designers in front of an exclusive gathering of the design elite and those closest to them.  The people in attendance (which also included key celebrities who came to show their support) traveled from near and far to witness the presentation of the highly sought-after honorees.  If you missed the celebration of this year's
African-American Top 20 Interior Designers, you truly missed a once in a lifetime treat!

 The event was an opportunity to reveal the 2012 Top 20 and present them, along with a sample of their interior design talent, to others working in or affiliated with the design industry.  In addition to introducing this year's African-American Top 20 Interior Designers, I wanted to bring the designers together so they could mix, mingle, and get to know each other.  So often we get immersed in our individual projects, but that night was a time to come together as a whole.  It was an emotional celebration and everyone in attendance shared with me how honored they were to be there.  There's so much that I can say about the group. They are amazingly talented and so passionate about the spaces they create! 
I enjoyed sharing anecdotes with each one, some of whom, I met for the first time at the event. 

For me, the highlight of the evening was the way everyone shared straight from their hearts.  It was the reaffirmation by everyone of how far we've come as African-American designers and how much further we can impact the world of design.  It was the acknowledgement that together we can serve as not only a resource to those looking for upscale designers and tastemakers in the field, but also as an inspiration to those who are up and coming.  The designers hand-selected for the 2012 African- American Top 20 are all unique, but each one creates spaces of luxury, beauty, elegance and sophistication by bringing the
vision in their mind's eye to life in a way that is unexpected, yet compelling.

I'm currently in New York attending Blogfest, so stay tuned for pictures from the event as I'll be posting them on Facebook over the next few days.  I understand you're anxious to hear more about it, so please check back later this week and once I return home I'll be sure to provide you with more details.  If you haven't already done so, please go out and "Like" the African-American Interior Designer page on Facebook
as a show of your support.  

So finally, after much ado...drumroll please!  Everyone reach out and join me in celebrating the
 Pinkeggshell 2012 African-American Top 20 Interior Designers! 
Your unique creative power, scope of work, and versatility have earned you
a place as part of this year's coveted group. 
Cheers!  You deserve it!

Michel Boyd                Smith Boyd Interiors                       SmithBoydInteriors.com                Atlanta
Cecil Hayes            Cecil Hayes                                     CecilHayes.com                              Miami 
Alicia LaMar                         Alicia LaMar Home                           AliciaLaMar.com                            Los Angeles     
Elaine Griffin             Elaine Griffin                                   ElaineGriffin.com                          New York
Ron Woodson            Woodson and Rum                            WandRdesign.com                         Los Angeles
Sheila Bridges          Sheila Bridges                                   SheilaBridges.com                  New York
Darryl Carter            Darryl Carter                                     DarrylCarter.com                     Washington DC
Howard Brown             Howard Brown Design                      HowardBrownDesign.com              Atlanta
Robin Wilson              Robin Wilson Home                          RobinWilsonhome.com              New York 
Joan Goodwin            Verandah Interiors                          VCustomDesigns.com                    Columbia, SC
Helen Bailey           Urban Living                                    Urbanlivin.net                                Chicago
Keitha Brathwaite   Contrast Design           Contrastdesigngroup.com     Chicago
Joy Moyler                 Joy Moyler Interiors                        JoyMoylerInteriors.com                  New York
Marian Akinloye        MA Design Studio                            MADesignStudio.com                New York
Erin Shakoor              Shakoor Interiors                            ShakoorInc.com                      Chicago
Anishka Clarke        Ishka Designs, Inc                      IshkaDesigns.com                             Brooklyn, NY
Lisa Turner             Interior Obsessions                        InteriorObsessions.com              Los Angeles
Courtney Sloane     Courtney Sloane                        CourtneySloane.net                        New Jersey
Janice Palmer    Palmer Design LLC                PalmerDesignLLC.com                    Atlanta
Roderick Shade         Roderick N. Shade Interior Design   RoderickShade.com                       New York


  1. Kimberley, your efforts to highlight Interior designers Of colour is really commendable. So happy to be a part of it!

  2. Congratulations, Kim. Everyone looked great. Keep up the good work.

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