Living a Life that's Easy To Love

When I say that I love something as easy to love as these shoes, do you all think, "Well Duh?  What's not to love right?"  Well, that feeling of instantaneous love and excitement is exactly how I feel about
life.  I've seen what's possible, imagined the outfit (oops - I mean outcome) and I love it!  And even though, I don't possess it all yet, the endless stream of possibilities is what I find most alluring. 
There are a lot of exciting things happening here, which means that there are a lot of changes also.  The biggest challenge that I faced leading into April was my team.  It gets difficult when I think of the people who depend on me for their financials.  I needed to expand, but was comfortable with the current pay structure and low overhead that we've enjoyed for the past few years.  The new direction in which the company is going, created a need for me to re-think everything.  So I have.  We are still looking for some great interns and for other team members dedicated to helping us grow our company.
We are combing through our processes and tweaking our procedures.  
We want you to be just as excited as we are about
Pinkeggshell and Kimberly and Cameron.
Thanks to those of you who shouted out to me on twitter and Facebook missing my presence.  I missed you too!  Stay tuned because we have so much to share with you and the rest of the world.  We're working on cutting edge ideas that I hope will grow and strengthen the design community in a huge way.  We could have made it all about us, but I wanted to include you in all of this as it morphs into something I can only describe as phenomenal.  I wanted the successes of these two businesses to be shared experiences
that we have built together. 
So, Happy Monday to all of you who are on the journey with us!  To those of you on your own journey and who just need to know that there's someone else out there.  To those of you on the edge of taking a chance, but need that extra push.  And last, but not least, to all of you who are
living lives that are easy to love! 


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