It's all Smiles at the New Crate and Barrel Store in Buckhead

That's Gloria over at the new Crate and Barrel store in Buckhead.  I ran into the new store a day after it opened last week and found smiles like hers beaming on the faces of many of the employees.  They all were so happy!  Happy to be in a new building, happy that everything looked so good, and happy that there were new customers coming in.  I have to admit, for years I didn't bother with Crate and Barrel because of the inconvenience of the Lenox store's location.  I dreaded the entire ordeal.  The parking in one spot, having the car loaded in another, and the waiting for what seemed like forever and a day for the re-emergence of the stock boy from the dungeon that was the stock room.  If there was ever a case for a new store, shopping at the Lenox Crate and Barrel made it loud and clear. 

Enter, the Buckhead store.  First of all, I love being able to pull right up and run in to get what ever I need.  In my case it's always solid pillows.  The selection is great and is available year round in a magnitude of colors.  As a neat little design trick, I mix and match them with my custom-made accent pillows and everyone wins.

Now that the store is larger, on one level and easy to get to, I can stop calling in my sofa orders to Houston.  Yes, it's crazy I know, but I was still doing it.  I know Hector in Houston and it's easy to get what I need without a lot of hassle.  Now I have Jerry (above) who promises to step right in and take care of me as only Hector could.  And doesn't he look happy?  I love working with Happy people - it makes my day run smoothly!  :)

So why all the talk about Crate and Barrel now?  Because Crate and Barrel is a great store.  It's easy to take it for granted and overlook the fantastic home options that it has because it's been around with no real frills.  They are like that good old faithful friend.  There whenever you need them with exactly what you need.  For me, I love the sofa selection, especially the frames built by American Leather.  I absolutely adore the Lounge sofa and recommend it to clients year after year... classic elegance.  Now I know what the fear is, that everyone will have your living room... I get it.  I don't recommend walking in and asking for the entire showroom floor exactly how it's set up.  However, I do recommend stopping by and taking a look.  Ask some questions and meet the staff.  Crate and Barrel has some amazing home decor options and now that it's easy to access, there's no reason not to stop on by and sink into a new sofa.


  1. I do love a good C & B.... Especially the outlet.


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