Robin Wilson Home for Bed Bath and Beyond

Interior designer Robin Wilson is launching her own collection of textile products to be featured on the Bed Bath and Beyond website.
            The Robin Wilson Home collection will feature hypoallergenic products such as alternative down pillows, microfiber comforters, fiber beds and mattress toppers.
            As an ambassador to the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America, Wilson has a passion for delivering healthy lifestyles to the homes of all Americans. She says, “I am inspired by a lifestyle focused on wellness, and the Robin Wilson Home collection brings a beautifully designed aesthetic with hypoallergenic qualities. [It} will allow a consumer at any budget level to afford an eco-healthy bedding option.”
            In addition to being hypoallergenic, Wilson’s products will feature unique weaving qualities that allow the drying process to be energy efficient and prevent allergen triggers from penetrating the bedding.
            Wilson is a highly accomplished designer who has worked with President Clinton, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and she has been featured on Pink Eggshell’s Top 20 African American Designers list.
            With an aesthetic of “classic with a modern touch,” Wilson hopes to bring style to the basics at an affordable price for every consumer.


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