My Afternoon Trip Around The World

The highlight of my trip to Miami last week was by far, my impromptu trip to the Miami Design District.  While my friends were strolling down South Beach taking in the sights, I stole away for a few moments and headed straight for the furniture shops.  It was later in the evening so there were very few people out.  I strolled along North 2nd Avenue popping in and out of showrooms and I truly felt like I could stay there for the remainder of the trip.  Walking to my car, I stumbled upon the amazing showroom of Jalan.  Immediately, my mouth flew open and I stood frozen in my tracks as my mind tried to take in all the sights that were rushing in and stimulating my mind.  I don't know how long I stood there before I snapped out of it and realized someone was asking me if they could help me.  I glanced down at my watch and noticed that it was indeed closing time.  Enthralled, I asked her for a few moments to look around and she agreed.

With TV, magazines and blogs, it's easy to think that you've seen it all.  As a creative person, I am always open to the possibility of being completely moved by an object, a person, or even a story.  I get goose bumps when it's great and boys and girls this store was beyond great!  It was incredible!  I took the pictures in this post, but please understand they do the space no true justice.  You absolutely have to make plans to go visit Jalan the next time you're in Miami.  The website is no substitute for walking through the door and allowing the sights and sounds of ancient cultures envelop you.


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