Design Inspiration via the Unstoppable Kerry Washington

I have recently fallen in love with the Star Style section of Traditional Home magazine.  When the feature first appeared, I thought ..."Oh, that's cool and freakishly accurate."  After several months and several more predictions and accounts, I was convinced that they really did know me.  In the selfish way that people do, I first only concerned myself with my own style reading.  Then, I started to share it with everyone around me.  When I started to think about Kerry Washington and her new show "Scandal," Keep reading to see what her star sign is and what my favorite book about color and meaning has to say about the day she was born.

Kerry Washington: Born January 31
"Uniquely individualist trendsetters, Aquarians enjoy surrounding themselves with original art work-no prints or reproductions, please! And open the windows to let in lots of their element: Air"

And here's what has to say about Miss Washington...

Catch Kerry Washington in her new show "Scandal" starting April 4, 2012

Image #1 Exclusively
Image #2 Olioboard with products from
Image #3 Screenshot from January 31
Image #4 Video | Trailer Scandal You Tube   


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  2. What would really be cool is if Kerry adapts a special room in her home based off your design board inspirations...#LoveIt

  3. That would be too cool.


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