Bruce L. Platt... Your Tour Guide to Amazing

I hope that you have enjoyed the series of posts and pictures about Jalan Miami.  I wanted to say little and show much.  Again, if  you find yourself in Miami, please visit Miami Design District and stick your head into this showroom.  It will blow you away!  On my way out, I had the pleasure of having a few words with the owner Brue L. Platt.  He was between shopping trips and gave me a little insight into his  business and what he looks for when experiencing the unique cultures of the world.  His eye is trained to seek out the extraordinary and I was happy to see in his showroom a little of what has moved him from Continent to Continent.

"View The World As One"
The expereince at the store  changed me as a person and shifted me as a designer.  It  reminded me that beauty and an appreciation of beauty is innate and transcends borders.
It reminded me that the appreciation of traditions and customs is
the true sign of a well rounded designer.
Most importantly, Brue's passion for bringing these artifacts to your home, energized  my desire to continue to encourage you to look for the amazing in everyday and to live with the things you love.

Jalan Miami

3921 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami, Florida 33137


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