All the Ballers and Shot Callers

Who do I work for?  You know, I get that all the time.  I get it because for years, I have been very quiet about the people that I work for, especially the men.  Why?  Well, because they are private people.  Even now as I write this, I had to think about who wouldn't mind, whose project could I share, and time some time to seriously consider where each person is in their personal life.
Let me start off by saying that I am extremely blessed to have the clientele that I have.  Definitely no dumb jocks and uninformed consumers here ladies and gentlemen.  They are smart, stylish, and know more than a thing or two about private jets and 5 star hotels.  From the Executive VP of a Fortune 100 corporation to the savvy venture capitalist (just to name a few), these men are definitely a cut above the rest.  See that guy in the image on top with Colin Powell?  Well that is my very first professional client.  He's at the top of his game and always has been.  From the beginning he taught me a lot and made me prove that I have what it takes to play in his circle.  He's an amazing business man, father, and husband.  In short people, the total package.

I’ve discovered people sometimes misread me.  They think that I’m extremely competitive.  Okay, they don't misread me.  I am extremely competitive.  I really can't help it and can truly say I’m a product of my environment.  When you work with clients who live under the type of pressure to perform as my clients do, the desire to win and the pursuit of excellence rubs off on you.

Who would have thought when I bought my college boyfriend baking dishes on Valentine's Day, that I would spend my life helping guys create swagger in their homes.  My secret?  Now lean in and listen closely.  Are you ready?  Incorporate as much of his life and interests in the home as possible.  I want you to really get a sense of who he is when you set foot into his home and fall in love with his essence every time you walk through the door.

For continuous ideas to enhance your beau’s home, you definitely want to check out our board on Pintrest.  It’s an ultra-cool site that we’ll be posting some of our best finds for you on as we come across them, as well as quick links to where you can pick them up
Whether he makes a living fighting fires in buildings or putting out fires in the boardroom, every man wants to be able to come home, relax and slip off his cares just as he slips off his shoes at the front door.  So…voila!  I’m here as your fairy godmother to help make that happen.  Think of this page as a destination to come to in order to get all sorts of new ideas about how to bring your beau’s home to life and as a gateway to incorporate true design into your beau’s home.


  1. Great advice - I can see why clients adore you! I've featured your blog today at stylesson.

    Congratulations on doing the HGTV show - you are a busy woman!


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