Signature Piecez By Jessica Fergerson

During the 2011 Holiday season I found myself at the most fabulous holiday party given by my friend Pattie Davis of Anatomy of a Dinner Party.  I love Pattie!  She has the most eclectic group of friends, which makes the best type of person in my opinion.  One such friend was Jessica Fergerson of Signature Piecez.  A quiet accountant by day and dynamic visual artist by night.  Upon meeting her I instantly knew that I'd have to feature Jessica's creative magic here for you.

Stunning isn't it?  The chandelier in and of itself is impressive, but to know that it was fashioned from something as simple as dryer duct takes these creations to a whole new level.  I love creativity and find people who are able to fashion beauty from the most common objects extremely interesting.  "I actually stumbled onto this by mistake.  I was decorating my home and didn't have money for art.  I was walking through Home Depot and found dryer duct on sale.  I gathered it up and took it home to play with it. The rest, as they say, is history." - Jessica

After mastering the use of dryer duct to fashion art and chandeliers, Jessica went to work on inventing striking items with gutter guards.  Pretty amazing, right?  I'm in awe of the second one!  It's made of gutter guard and get this...tissue paper. 

Jessica will be exhibiting at the Next Cool Event this year.  I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

All images and media | Propery of Jessica Fergerson; Signature Piecez


  1. Thank you Kimberly. Looking forward to seeing you at the Next Cool Event!

  2. Jessica, I am so proud of you and your talents. Your mom would have been so proud of you. Loce you and good luck cuz. Kim Davis in VA

  3. Auntie, you rock! You and I both know that when we are doing something we love and are so passionate about, it's not "work" at all. I am so proud of you, and wish you all the best on your adventure. This is only the beginning of what's in store for you, so hold on for the ride of your life! Luv U!
    Michele (Ms. Shirley)Lazenby


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