Rethink Possible: The Oscars and Kelly Wearstler

I've spent most of my life feeling misunderstood.  It started to happen at a very young age.  I'd be working on a creative project and someone would say, "Why is she doing that?" or "Why is she spending so much time on this?"  I started in theater when I was in the second grade.  In my theatrical debut, my very first part was as a dancing bear.  It was my favorite part and I would twirl around and around, all over the house bumping into stuff until my mother would finally shout, "Kim, sit down somewhere!"  But I found sitting down somewhere extremely hard.  After all, there was always something to do.  My mother was a seamstress, so to my delight, there were always fabric scraps laying around.  I would take those silk (and sometimes lace) scraps and make the most amazing clothes for my Barbie doll.  This was my passion!  I had a suitcase for their clothes so that I could take them to school.  It was my life getting lost in finding and making my Barbie clothes.  Then one day when my mother deemed either that I was too old at 10 1/2 to play with dolls or that my mess was taking up too much space, (who knew which with that woman) she just up and gave my doll and all her precious clothes away.  
Somehow I recovered and quickly, because I then turned all my energy into science.  Crazy mix, right?  It wasn't the science information that I found fascinating, but the opportunity to do science projects.  Throughout the remainder of elementary and well into middle school, I had some of the most creative science projects, and often won the award science for having the highest grade point average in the subject.
At home, I had moved my interest from fashion to home decor.  I sat at the foot of my elderly grandmother and learned how to piece quilts and make soap.  I could sew aprons and make pot holders like nobody's business.  I rearranged rooms and hung posters.  I fell in love with the many things I could do with left over fabrics when I wrapped them around a chair or hung them on a window. 

When I saw this image from Kelly Wearstelr for the first time, it took me back to those days. I wondered if her childhood was as full of creative exploration as mine was.  I saw a post about Kelly's foyer on the Home Bunch blog under the heading Cool or Fool.  Upon further review I noticed comments like, "I like a calm environment" or "This is a little much."  That's what I read.  What I heard, was "Why is she doing that?Stay in line.  Don't stand out." 

What I love about Kelly and many of the great producers represented last night on the Oscars is the constant sense of exploration that they have.  Their willingness to surrender wholeheartedly to their imagination.  It's easy to mistake Kelly as going to far, but when you've been to the edge, you find that it wasn't so scary and find yourself wanting to go back to that place.  Just imagine if the movies that moved you this year like The Help, Money Ball, Hugo, and The Artist were just stories with no real magic.  With no care as to who tells the story or how the mood was set in the film.  Or even worse, if it were your favorite movie, but with a different title and different cast.  Would it affect you in the same way?  And most of the time, you don't know what to expect, and it's the unexpected twist or turn in the development of the story that tugs at your senses.

Over the past few weeks, I have been working on some new projects that I feel will push me in directions that I never before imagined.  I have been churning through 12 and 13-hour workdays getting in position.  My design business is 10 years old this year, but I feel that I have only just begun.  Like those years were not my most creative, but the years necessary to learn the lessons and the business of interior design.  Now, I am rethinking possible.  I am working on my life, my business, and making some real changes that require me to let go of some things that have been with me since the beginning and embrace some new ideas that I am still not comfortable with.  It's all so electrifying!  I am fully immersed and trusting the process.  My creativity that has been there since the beginning is still brewing inside me and although there are fewer "What is she doing?" - there are still some.  And you know what?  I'm ok with that.
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