After Inspiration Comes Action

I found myself listening to an old recording of Les Brown over the weekend.  Old enough in fact, for me to almost say "an old tape" of Les Brown.  I was in the process of clarifying some goals and objectives when he said something that struck a chord in me and made a lot of sense.  He said that we are all inspired to do more with our lives.  To lose weight, to run a marathon, to decorate our homes, but the stumbling block is that few of us move from inspiration to action.  This resonated with me because my dream for Pinkeggshell is for it to be more than a place for pretty pictures.  I want it to highlight and showcase the people who are creating those pretty rooms and living a joyful life.  

Sometimes, I think that perhaps we have access to far too much inspiration.  I mean does it really take all the images that we collect on (which I love) to dress better, get a better haircut or decorate our master bedroom?  Let's face it - there are millions of blogs, so inspiration is not the problem.  Taking action is.  One of the reasons that I love my life (as trying as it is at times) is because it’s full of action.  I get into trouble, I trust too much.  I make mistakes, I embarrass myself, I have to say sorry.  I do it all, but I take action.

I thought this project would be fitting for this post because when it was published in Elle Decor it was entitled "Beginners Luck".  The homeowner took a chance and filled her home with items that she loves and now look - her space made it onto the pages of Elle Decor.  

Kimberly and Cameron, my design business, is in its tenth year.  I built my business the old-fashioned way with hard work and tough lessons.  Designers building a business today will be able to achieve what I've achieved in ten years in half the time. They'll have access to information that I simply didn't have.  They'll have knowledge of things like styling a photographs and isolating vignettes that I've only recently grown to understand.  All in all, they will get to take action with the best possible safety net - knowledge!  It is precisely because of this endless information and inspiration that I feel the action part could be so great....If you would only just DO it!



  1. Inspirational and well said. Love.

  2. What a terrific post and so very inspiring. Ironically my inspirational word for 2012 is ACTION and I am using each day to make things happen. Enjoying your blog.

    1. Thanks Shelly. Love that! Action is your word for the year. We have to keep moving and make strides everyday to be great! Thanks for stoping by. Glad you like the blog.

  3. Heather Watkins07 February, 2012

    Inspiration is what drives true creativity. Actions execute it! Thanks for this inspirational post Kim.

  4. Your blog is beautiful. I LOVE this post. You have some good points. I am a Pinterest maniac...I can't get enough. But I struggle with focusing on what I really want to do as opposed to being overwhelmed with all of the "eye candy" and getting lost in all of the options. I have refined my pinning lately. More focused on projects I have on the horizon instead of everything that touches my fancy! Thanks for sharing. I am a new follower and have many more posts to peruse. Have a great day!

    1. Hello Sherry,
      SO happy that you stopped by. There is so many pretty things in the world. So many styles and personal influences. There is absolutly no way to master your home with out collecting things for it over time. I recommend choosing one thing that you simply can not live without and build the space around it. A great fabric, unique rug or piece of art work are all great places to start. Now, instead of focusing on everything you like, pick the thing that you love the most.


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