When you Absolutely, Positively, Have to Be There Over Night

I've lived in several cities throughout the country in my lifetime.  Hattiesburg for college, Nashville for graduate school, Houston as I embarked on my design career, and now Atlanta where so many of my dreams are coming true.  Moving is a tremendous hassle.  No matter how many times I've done it, it still gets on my nerves.  I now consider myself an expert on moving...a relocation professional if you will.  Not simply because of the numerous moves that were just mentioned, but because of the number of clients I've had to pack up and move at a moment's notice.  Even though I've done it, even though I've figured out some time and money-saving techniques, I simply could not imagine doing it for a living.

With all the NBA commotion going on in December, it was hard to not pay attention to the lock-out and the onslaught of trades that followed.  And while the world was consumed with where Khloe and Lamar were headed, Shannon Brown and his wife, R&B songstress Monica were making plans to move their family to Phoenix, Arizona.  A few days later, I noticed a tweet sent by Monica thanking interior designer Alicia Lamar for a successful move.

I thought.  Huh?  Does every designer do this?  I absolutely had to find out, so I called Alicia in the hopes of getting more information.  Turns out, in addition to designing the homes of celebrities like Carmelo Anthony, Denzel Washington and Eddie Murphy, Alicia also offers relocation services.  As a matter of fact, she added an entire division to her company to handle such requests.  Alicia agreed to talk to me about the concierge relocation business, but was extremely hush hush about her clients and their homes.  I tried to get images of Monica's house, LA LA's fabulous new LA home or a peek into the plans for Vivica Fox's new bachelorette pad, but had no such luck.  Those girls have a great designer and friend in Alicia and she guards their privacy with skill and class.  Would you be able to sit on such wonderful projects without screaming about them from the rooftops?  You might not get much information out of Alicia, but if you need to pack up and move your 5,000 square foot home, exotic cars, handmade wedding gown or prized art collection, she's definitely the person to call.

Photo credit: Image of Monica and Shannon in bed via Straight From The A


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