Michel Boyd and Marlo Hampton; Defining Personal Style at Home

I met Marlo Hampton early last year during a taping of the Real Housewives of Atlanta; prior to that,I knew nothing about her. Well...that's not true. Like many of you, I had seen her home on the pages of Michel Boyd's website, but had not made the connection.  When I finally put it together weeks later, it all started to make sense. That home; the elegant home with the custom upholstery and designer details had to belong to someone like Marlo. Marlo's style, which has been showing up everywhere from fashion blogs to pintrest is sexy, confident and exudes glamour. After meeting her, I quickly understood why she had chosen Michel Boyd to help her to design her home. They both have the type of style that turns heads similar to the type most people expect to see on the streets of New York or Paris. 
 On her website Simply Marlo , Marlo gives you a peek inside her life and shares with readers not only the things she feels are  necessary to creating a glamorous life, but also how big a role fashion plays in her life. I personally was drawn in by the stylish items she was willing to part with in her boutique as well as the looks she's been seen rocking around town.
There's just as much attention to detail and high fashion in the furnishings selected by up and coming design star Michel Boyd. The custom bed's covered in a moss colored suede are from Boyd's bespoke offerings available later this year.  The Hermes blank and luxurious textures in this room are just as much staples of Michel's high-end design aesthetics as they are Marlo's personal style.
 "I admire dinnerware by Fornacetti, not just for their unique style, but for the philosophy with which they are made: I want to free my inspiration from the limitations of the usual." - Marlo Hampton
"History is infused with a sense of humor on these Fornasetti wall plates.  The dining space required the solid cashmere on the chairs and the white porcelain in order to balance the patterned wall covering and our plates' personalities... no dinner guests required." -Michel Boyd

The spectacular outcome of the space, suggests that the two worked extremely well together. Michel was able to take her love of fashion and glamour and infuse it with his love for interior spaces and custom detailing to create a home that is truly reflective of Marlo's personal style. Bravo Michel.

Photo credits | Portrait of Marlo via Simplymarlo.com | Living Room designed by Michel Boyd of Smithboyd Interiors | Portrait of Michel Boyd by Allen Cooley Photography | Michel and Marlo at RHOA viewing party via YBF.com | Michel Boyd image Allen Cooley Photography | Marlo about town by Pamela Morgan | Guest bedroom designed by Michel Boyd of Smith Boyd Interiors |  Image of Marlo by Rob Ector | Image of Marlo on street via simplymarlo.com | Diningroom designed by Michel Boyd of Smith Boyd Interiors | Lounge designed by Michel Boyd of Smith Boyd Interiors


  1. ♥ it... those are some great photos of them!!!

  2. LOVE. As a fan of Michel Boyd and Marlo's style, this is the epidemy of inspiration!

  3. Thanks Sara. Are you coming to blogfest2012?

  4. Beth, WE KNOW! You lvoe you some Michel Boyd. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Regina, Dressing like that is an art. I'm sure it takes time and money. :)
    Thanks for commenting.

  6. Wow, had no idea this was her home. Absolutely stunning...of course one would not expect anything less from Michel. Their fashion sensibilities make then a perfect match for such a collabo. Thanks for the insight!

  7. Awe... Thanks Erika. I was like wow... When I made the collection also. I'm gonna tweet your comment, I'm sure they would both be happy to hear it. Thanks for sharing!

  8. OMG times a million. His style is amazing!!!

  9. Beautiful interiors. Great style. Love the colors in the guest room; the custom olive green beds...so chic. I love the orange the other pops of color from the pillows...LOVE it! Great share.

  10. Thanks Trish,
    I will pass your comments on. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. This is simply beautiful! I love the color patterns.

  12. Wow, my mind is officially BLOWN! Thank you for sharing.

  13. Absolutely beautiful!!! Lovely job! :-) I would love to see pictures of the kitchen, i know that is stunning as well!

    1. Thanks Yakini. I've never seen images of the kitchen, but am sure it's tunning. Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Marlow is the coolest. Wishing her the best!!

    Keep Ballin,

  15. Not the biggest fan of the Marlo Hampton presented on Real Housewives, but she clearly has an amazing sense of style. I think Michel did an amazing job of showcasing that in his designs. Her home is a reflection of her wardrobe -bold, daring, provocative, flirty, fun. I see all that throughout the home. Great job.


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