By the Way, I'm From Mississippi!

Everywhere I go, I start the conversation with Hello, I'm Kimberly from Mississippi.  So you can imagine, how proud I was to open up this issue of Uptown magazine and see the words Mississippi-born in front of my name.  I am more than proud.  And what I've found, is that there are many fantastic people all over the world who share my Mississippi roots and pride. Your children, when they are pursuing their dreams need to know that there are people out there who come from where they come from. And that where they come from matters little in comparison to where they can go. 
So, I want to shout to Mississippi and say thanks for everything Mississippi has given me.
Thanks to my family - all 10,000 of you
Thanks to Lafayette Co. Schools- Where Champions are made - year after year
Thanks to my church families both in Abbeville and Hattiesburg Mississippi
Thanks to the Ladies of Delta Sigma Theta- MUNU Chapter - Where Excellence is standard
Thanks to my Friends from all over the state, who come from small towns and county roads and who are now doing amazing things to shape the future of our country. 
Thank you - I couldn't be more proud! 


  1. Congratulations on the UpTown article and the HGTV show. Continued blessings!

  2. My favorite word of all time to spell too!!..... M I SS I SS I PP I :-)Great post;we all should be proud of the communities where the foundation was laid for the people we are today!

  3. Got to love it! Thanks again for your support!

  4. Hi Kimberly, Congratulations on the Uptown article! This Jersey girl/interior designer was featured in the Philadelphia edition...

  5. Thanks a million Tammy. I tried to figure out who was in each issue for the African American Interior Desiger facebook page, but had a hard time getting it. Thanks for sharing. I go out to your page. Keep up the good work.


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