5 Tips That Will Make Your Guest Bedroom Rock

This is something that might become even truer as you get older, but I think that you should treat your guest bedroom the same as you would the master suite.  As the holiday season approaches and you have guests coming to visit, it's kind of unwelcoming to just rake all the crap that has accumulated in there over the past year onto the floor and offer it to your guests.  (Or if you're somewhat industrious - under the bed or shoved unceremoniously into the closet.)  Yes, that has happened to me.  I recognize that as a design professional, I make some people nervous about having me over.  There's really no need.  I'm not at all overly formal about how people keep their homes.  It's just too much to worry about, when those who are interested in getting help call me.  What I am talking about is taking a few moments to think about the room and what you personally might want for yourself when you're away from home.

For me, nothing spells out a good night's rest like great bedding, so that's my main thing.  Now, I'm not even talking about the size of the bed itself.  Truthfully, there are people who have the same size bed in both rooms, but simply don't think about sharing the good stuff with the guests.  I've stayed with people where I got extremely cold during the night (no cozy blanket to drowsily pull over my freezing body) or where the sheets were so rough, I'd rather forgo the pajamas and stay in my daytime clothes.

If you think about it...when people come to visit, it's either for a celebration or for a tragedy.  Both are occasions for something special.  I feel that if you are going to have a guest bedroom, than it should be special.  I stayed with a friend in North Carolina once who allowed guests to stay in the daughter's room during visits.  That was a really enjoyable stay for me because the bed was comfortable and the mother completely transformed it prior to our arrival.  Nothing fancy mind you, just great sheets, a nice candle and flowers on the nightstand where Justin Beiber would normally be. 

So what's enough?  First of all, stop thinking of the guest room as a catch-all for your old or odd furniture.  I am all for saving money in this room, but it doesn't have to be tacky.  Keep the bed and maybe lose the worn out mattress.  Replace the mirror over the dresser with a lovely piece of art.  Add lamps and family photos.  Think simple luxuries.  I love leaving photo albums of the family near the bed so my guests can see what the gang has been up to since their last visit.  If you're expecting guests over the next few days or weeks and are on a limited budget, consider the following tips for making your guest space more welcoming.

1. Clean it up.  This might seem like a no-brainer, but you'll be surprised how many people don't think about this.  Dust!  Especially the blinds and window sills.
2. De-clutter the space.  You've stored a lot of stuff in there all year, so now it's time to give it a home.  Donate what you no longer need and don't have your guests trying to sleep with the fear of boxes tumbling down on their heads.
3. Change the sheets.  My mother does this right after guests leave, but still puts fresh sheets on right before the next guest arrives.  Come on...Is there anything better than fresh sheets?
4. Make sure the room has the basic necessities for the guest.  That includes a lamp and an alarm clock.
5. Light a candle.  Nothing says "come on in" like a welcoming aroma.  You have a favorite candle, right? Why not share it with your guests?

If you take a little time to incorporate this assortment of tips, your guests will undoubtedly leave your home having felt your love and feel greatly appreciative of the effort that you put into their stay.

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  1. We need to pay some special attention while designing guest bedroom. I have used twin beds in my guest bedroom so that they can be joined together to make a king size bed if the guests are couples. Otherwise I leave it like that.


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