What I Loved About Atlanta's Nod to Fashion Week 2011

I'm saying it.  You're saying it.  The magazines are saying it.  Living a fashionable life has just as much to do with what's in your home as what you're wearing on your body.  Nobody understands this more than Michael Habachy.  From his ultra-sexy nightclub Vanquish, to his pop-up store, Habachy was showing off his style all week long.  Check out these custom upholstered chairs Habachy designed for the pop-up store.  Seductive, chic, and contemporary all rolled into one (or in this case, two).  In addition, he also designed the VIP lounge for the "Night to Remember" tribute.  As I said before, he was all over the week's activity. Seamlessly fusing home decor with high fashion.

Someone else who was all over Atlanta Fashion Week was handbag designer, Tamara Bowens of Bowen Bergeron.  We first ran into her on Thursday evening during Fashion Night Out at Saks Fifth Avenue.  I was captivated by the bags and in my own little world dreaming about what I could pair them up with when she walked up.  You've seriously got to see these bags.  They are fabulous!  I know in my heart of hearts that she will go on to do amazing things.  Here are some of her unique handbags that are magically appearing everywhere.  First, on display at Saks and then later in the week nestled amongst the great designs accessories of Habachy's pop-up store.

Love at first sight!  Bowens Bergergeron bags on display at Saks.
Bags on Display at the Habachy pop-up store.

Overall, I thought that the fashion at the week's events was spot on.  Maybe it was simply the excitement of celebrating fashion.  Maybe it was the opportunity to try something new.  Whatever it was, Atlantans got dressed up for the week's festivities and were out in full force.  I really enjoyed the creativity and the energy that was displayed throughout the city and I'm sure that the fashion bloggers had a ball with all the fun looks.  What are some of your fave things you ran across during Fashion Week?  Who wowed you, won you over, or flat out bewildered you with their nod to fashion?  Drop me a comment...I'd love to compare notes!
Design Wars Crew at A Night to Remember Event


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