A Night to Remember- A Tribute to Willi Smith and Bethann Hardison

A Night to Remember Tribute to Willi Smith and Bethann Hardison
Models styled by Tameka Raymond
I tweeted from this event that it had "forever changed my life." Here's why.  My friends in Atlanta are a social bunch. In fact my friends through out the country are a social bunch.  As a result, I attend tons of social events.  What has happened without me knowing, is that I have become a little jaded.  I have grow accustom to being in star studded events with politician and celebrities, so I somehow started to think it was the norm.  But it isn't. I am an extremely blessed individual.  I am no different than the lady driving the city bus, except, God has chosen to bless me and bestow his favor on my life.  This has been true for all of my life. With that being said, Tuesday night's event was different. The beauty of the event from the models to the murals spoke to a different part of me.  I felt the time and creativity that went into designing the venue.  It was literally all around me.  In that moment, "that always stop and pay attention" seed was planted.  The next thing that moved me was the history of Willi Smith and what he accomplished in the fashion industry. I had not heard of him before that evening and for some reason that bothered me.  In that moment, the second seed was sown, to recommit myself to life long learning.

Wall Mural created by Amy Rader
I read some blogs about the event on Wednesday morning. Almost all of them spoke exclusively about who was in attendance.  I thought, as I browed though story after story, what a waste. People really would have benefited greatly as I did learning about Willi Smith's struggles and accomplishments as an African- American Fashion designer.  His influence on fashion and the fashion houses that his worked inspired.  Equally important and impressive was Bethann Haridson's story and mission to bring color back to the runway in the form of multi-hued models.  For me the event was a huge success. I saw many friends and got the chance to hang out with the cast of Design Wars.  We laughed and danced and enjoyed each other's company. As we head into Atlanta Fashion week, I will be attending more events.  My challenge for myself is to appreciate the opportunity to be in good company, to venture outside of my circle of friends and to learn something significant while I'm out. In the words of Tom Joyner "To Party With a Purpose."

Design Wars Cast 


  1. Awesome!
    Interestingly enough,my father was the person that first told me about Naomi Sims and Willi Smith...

  2. Well Naomi Sims I had heard of becasue she's from Oxford Mississippi. Your dad. I could sit at his feet and listen to him for days.


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