Most Eligible Dallas Fans, Let's Update Courtney Kerr's Bedroom

I normally don't watch television during the spring and summer.  For years, I've only had cable in the fall and winter.  I never really thought about it before, but it's been true for some years now.  What I do is read and listen to books on tape. It's definitely my thing.  I love biographies and can spend days caught up in a good story.  So on Thursday, I had my cable turned on and quickly feel into the marathons on Bravo.  One show that was interesting to me was "Most Eligible Dallas".  Not because of the story since who knows what that's about, but because of the bedroom of the main attraction, Courtney Kerr. Courtney is a very opinionated, self-described fashion addict.  She hangs with sexy ex-ballplayers and toasts the good life while wearing the latest in high fashion.  As a 29 year-old woman about town, I was surprised to see that her bedroom was anything but sophisticated.

I wanted to do something fun with this post, and am still trying to figure out how, but my thoughts are that I'd like for some of my favorite bloggers and readers to submit mood boards with suggestions of how Courtney could create a bedroom that reflects her personal style.  Look for them in the next few weeks.   This should be fun!  So if you were as surprised as I was to see that she was sleeping on that little boy's bed and she actually had her name over the matching dresser, then this exercise is for you.  According to her Bio on Bravo TV, she is fun, vibrant, unique and has a keen fashion sense. What do you think?

I pulled a few ideas from House Beautiful and Lonny, but would love to see what you would create for this personality.  Here are my top three choices and why I feel they just scream Courtney. 
Bedroom Design by  Elizabeth Bauer via Lonnymag
I love this bedroom because its a no-fuss approach to glamour.  Courtney is glamorous, but this is also the South.  This would be an easy update.  I like the monogrammed pillow because they give a nod to traditional southern charm. The fabric is fab too.  All around this room would be perfect, fashion books included.

Bedroom Design by Palmer Weiss via House Beautiful
I caught a glimpse of some cool stools in Courtney's bedroom.  They were black and white and are definitely something that she should keep.  I love the use of black and white in this space.  It's perfect as a backdrop for the sexy upholstered headboard that adds instant glamour to the space. {It also matches the bottom of her shoes.} For me this room speaks to her vibrant personality.

Bedroom Design By Eileen Kathryn Boyd via Lonnymag
Finally, I chose this room because it was done by Eileen Kathryn Boyd who translates high fashion into home decor better than anyone else in the business.  She pays attention to current trends and translates them seamlessly into beautiful living spaces.  Courtney loves the lables and would benefit greatly from working with an interior designer who speaks her language.  Now keep in mind, Courtney is single and needs to have a warm and inviting bedroom.  She wants to get married, so lets help her say goodnight to her teenage inspired bedroom. Let's give her a grown up sanctuary that reflects her amazing personal style.

Here's my inspirtion board for Courtney's space.  The bedding is by Diane Von Furstengberg, the chest is by Bungalow 5, the headboard, sconces and accessories are all Neiman Marcus. 


  1. my favorite is room number 3.The pillow on room #1 looks lonely and the monsterous throw doesn't tie in with anything. but again, thanks for great post.


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