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Do you remember going away for the summer and the day before you are to return home, meeting the cute boy who lived down the street?  Or stumbling upon your favorite shop just around the corner a year after you've moved in a new neighborhood?  That's how I feel about finding out about Desire Greene and her DC shop Sukio only after she has decided to close it and venture into greener pastures.  She was referred to me by one of my Blogfest besties, Roslyn Ashford, of the blog Unexpected House Guest.  She thought that we should meet and she was right.  Desire was so much fun and full of energy.  So, I still wanted to do the post to introduce her to you and give you a glimpse into her style.  She's definitely one to watch as she is full of ideas.  Desire's extremely passionate about Design and the work she intends to do in DC.  So do fall in love with her as I have, but don't mourn the closing of her shop.  Just know that she's out there somewhere creating amazing things for you home.  Things that could be coming to a market near you very soon.

Image Natalie Stemp

Image Natalie Stemp
Image Natalie Stemp
Image Natalie Stemp

Follow Desire's blog.  It's full of undeniable glamour...I think you'll love it.

Read Natalie's Stemp's Interview with Desire here.
Image Sukio Designs


  1. I understand your pain. A few years ago, we were in Buenos Aires and found this fabulous wooden toy shop. We bought a bunch of toys and when we came back the next day, the toy maker had broken his hand and was closing up shop for good.

    But we still have those cool wooden robots he made.


  2. Funny Patti. I was just thinking about you. Let's do something together soon. Really!


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