Bunny Brenda: At Home at the PlayBoy Club?

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Where's a girl to live?  Seems like an ordinary dilemma, right?  Just imagine being young, sexy, rich and Black in the 60's.  Today we can live pretty much anywhere we'd like. There's no real limit, well of course money, but other than that the sky really is the limit.  So take a step back in time with me and imagine the dilemma Bunny Brenda faced when considering a place to live during her Playboy days.  Imagine being able to afford to pay for a beautiful home or penthouse apartment, but not being able to move in because of the color of your skin.

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Before I knew what a blog was, I was fascinated with how we live.  When I say "we", I mean Blacks in America.  For me how we live in America is not about extravagance, it's about ownership.  I remember reading about Blacks in New Orleans who were free, successful, business-owning citizens before slavery.  For some people that's hard to believe, because many people think that America started with slavery, but in actuality, there was a period prior to slavery when Blacks in Louisiana owned land and governed magnificent estates. It was during slavery, that these people were forced to abandon their property and businesses or die trying to protect them.

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For some reason, when I saw the preview of NBC's new show The Playboy Club I thought about Bunny Brenda.  I asked myself, "Where would she go in the 1960's to enjoy her wealth?  What kind of house would she live in?  When she left the Playboy club, where would she retire?"  I guess the part of me that understood the history of Blacks in America tried to put it into some type of perspective.  During the 60's, there were established black neighborhoods.  Racial tensions were at an all time high in America, but there were neighborhoods that we called our own.  Neighborhoods where the doctors and business owners lived together with the train conductor or the plumber.  Neighborhoods where we felt safe. Naturally, Bunny Brenda could buy into one of those neighborhoods.  But would she?  As a wealthy Playboy Bunny who was exposed to the best that America had to offer, could she really just get a small house with a white picket fence?  How could she, when she's seen so much?  And would her neighbors accept her lifestyle?

I'm excited to see the premier of the show tonight!  A part of me hopes that we get a glimpse into Bunny Brenda's plight outside of the Playboy club.  I'm sure that we will.  In the meantime, I know that she's safe while under Hef's care.  Here are some homes from the 1960's that I would love to see Bunny Brenda in.  There's a place to lounge around with all the men she meets at the club.  A place to relax while leisurely studying her Bunny Guide and of course, a place to store all those sassy little Bunny Suits.
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