Baccarat and Owen Lawrence; Another Lovely Evening in Atlanta's West Midtown Design District

Owen Lawrence is table Top Heaven.  If you've never been to their Urban Market shop, you must pop your head in look around.  It has some of the most stunning place settings that you can find anywhere. With lines like Bacacarat, Versace, and Hermes, it's the chicest place to find those special pieces to help serve up some style while entertaining for the holidays.

Look, new Pinkeggshell fans.  Everyone was so fun and friendly. I love the south!

Bryan Kirkland and Crawford Bray of Maison Atlanta.  Maison Atlanta is amazing by the way!

The real stars of the show - Michel with Suzanne Kasler and Baccarat's new lamp collection. 

Evenarie Eyde and Christie Rossbach of Baccarat.  I hope Evenarie and Christie take a look at our blogfest coverage. We talked about it for the longest.  In fact, I think we bonded over blogfest...And shoes.


  1. I love Masion Atlanta. It is so beautiful.


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